smartARM Teams Up with NFL Star Shaquem Griffin to Unveil World’s First Bionic Arm Powered by Microsoft Azure AI

May 18, 2023

smartARM, a Toronto-based startup dedicated to empowering individuals with limb differences, announces a transformative partnership with NFL star Shaquem Griffin as the brand ambassador for their AI-powered bionic arms. smartARM leverages Microsoft’s cutting-edge Azure AI technology to further enhance accessibility and affordability for hand amputees.

Shaquem Griffin, renowned for his remarkable athletic achievement, embodies the resilience and determination that smartARM champions. As a brand ambassador, Griffin will collaborate closely with smartARM to raise awareness about the life-changing capabilities of their AI-powered bionic arms.

smartARM's bionic arms features optical sensors that identify objects, allowing for automatic calculation of the most appropriate grip. Powered by artificial intelligence, these groundbreaking prosthetics enable intuitive and seamless interaction with the environment. Through the integration of machine learning algorithms, smartARM's bionic arms adapt to users' unique needs and preferences, offering unparalleled dexterity and control.

By integrating Azure AI technology on the backend, smartARM can optimize manufacturing processes, streamline production costs, and scale operations effectively. This collaboration reinforces smartARM's commitment to ensuring individuals in both developed and developing countries have access to life-changing bionic arms.

“At Microsoft, we believe that artificial intelligence will help to address some of the challenges at work, home and in the community, that can limit opportunities for people living with disabilities,” said Dave Dame, Director of Accessibility, Microsoft. “Companies like smartARM are using Microsoft Azure AI to turn ambitious ideas into reality and create a more accessible and inclusive world for people of all abilities.”

In recognition of smartARM's technological advancements and commitment to accessibility, Microsoft is producing a spotlight video featuring the collaboration. The video will showcase the exceptional capabilities of smartARM's bionic arms and the profound impact this collaboration can have on empowering individuals with limb differences. The spotlight video, produced by Microsoft, will be released on May 18, 2023 and can be viewed on the official Microsoft YouTube channel and smartARM's website.

smartARM's partnership with Shaquem Griffin, combined with the integration of Azure AI technology heralds a new era in prosthetics, where accessibility, affordability, and technological innovation converge. Through combined efforts, they aspire to empower individuals with limb differences and redefine what is possible in the field of bionic arms.

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